Glenorie Mission Church

Jesus is building his church right here in Glenorie

Join us Sunday's at 10:00am to learn more about God and his plan for you. Sunday School for kids kicks off from 10:00 am - 11:30 am.

Jesus is building His church throughout the world and right here in Glenorie.  Glenorie is a great place to be, blessed with the natural beauty of God's creation.  It is our prayer (we pray it every week) that God will also bless the people of Glenorie by bringing them into a relationship with Himself.  It is through this relationship that all people can truly understand their purpose for being and experience true fulfilment in their lives.

The actual Glenorie Misson Church.  Old, lovely, funky and accommodating.  This building has been serving Christians in Glenorie for over 100 years.


Glenorie Mission Church has no full-time pastor.  The benefit of this is that we have a wide variety of fantastic, generous, Godly and inspired, people bring us words directly from God.

Some of our visiting preachers

  • Vic Eldridge -  a theological doctor and former principal of Morling College (pretty impressive), comes along from time to time to present a series.  We always love the content and the easy manner in which it is delivered.  The Eldridge family are dear to our church family.

  • Michael Maher - inspiring, indigenous, young minister to all people who has a passion for Jesus and a heart for everyone.  Michael is a regular preacher at Glenorie and we are grateful that he finds the time in his extremely busy schedule to come and talk to us.
  • Ray Evans - this guy is good.  From time to time Ray comes out to Glenorie and just drops an amazing sermon on us.  We always love what Ray has to say.

  • Kevin Roslyn - guru of the end-times, Kevin gives us insights into the book of Revelation and prophesies about the future.  Intriguing and amazing content.