Glenorie Mission Church

Jesus is building his church right here in Glenorie

Join us Sunday's at 10:00am to learn more about God and his plan for you. Sunday School for kids kicks off from 10:00 am - 11:30 am.

Jesus is building His church throughout the world and right here in Glenorie.  Glenorie is a great place to be, blessed with the natural beauty of God's creation.  It is our prayer (we pray it every week) that God will also bless the people of Glenorie by bringing them into a relationship with Himself.  It is through this relationship that all people can truly understand their purpose for being and experience true fulfilment in their lives.

We love the churches in our area.  All of the churches listed here meet regularly and support the local ministry of Galston Christian Education Association.  They are all full of people that love God and love others.

Galston Christian Education Association (GCEA)

Is an association of the local churches who fund and administer a full time and some part time teachers to provide (at no cost to the Dept of Education) teaching of Studies in Religious Education. This is provided at Galston High School. We love this ministry and pray that it will continue as long as the school exists. Pray with us. You can also provide financial support. Just enquire with us regarding payment methods. Now more than ever, teenagers need God in their lives. It is rare that young adults learn anything of God in their home and school in a very short segment is the only chance we have to provide at least a basic education.

Glenorie Community Church
1507 Old Northern Rd, Glenorie NSW 2157
Phone: (02) 9652 0577
supporters of GCEA

Arcadia Catholic Church
8 Fagans Rd  Arcadia NSW 2159
Phone: (02) 9653 2312
supporters of GCEA

Dural Baptist Church‎
Phone: (02) 8989 0000
1 Pellitt La  Dural NSW 2158
supporters of GCEA

Dural District Anglican Churches‎
Phone: (02) 9651 1119
965 Old Northern Rd, Dural, NSW 2158
supporters of GCEA

Galston Seventh-Day Adventist Church
49 Arcadia Road, Galston, NSW 2159
supporters of GCEA

Galston Uniting Church
Phone: (02) 9653 2039 
11 School Road, Galston, NSW 2159
supporters of GCEA

Galston Seventh-Day Adventist Church
49 Arcadia Road, Galston NSW 2159
Pastor: Andrew Russell, a top bloke who loves God... highly recommended.
supporters of GCEA

HillsLife Church
Phone: (02) 9653 2807
Galston Public School Hall, School Road, Galston, NSW, 2159
supporters of GCEA

Also of note in the wider Hills District is Hillsong Church.  Hillsong are Australia's largest church with circa 20K attendees.  Many people from the local area attend Hillsong and from time to time we have people who attend Hillsong come and worship with us or sing to us.  We thank Hillsong for their contribution to other churches and the Christian community in general through their music, TV, pod casts and conferences.

Hillsong Church
Phone: (02) 8853 5353
1-9 Solent Circuit  Baulkham Hills NSW 2153