Glenorie Mission Church

Jesus is building his church right here in Glenorie

Join us Sunday's at 10:00am to learn more about God and his plan for you. Sunday School for kids kicks off from 10:00 am - 11:30 am.

Jesus is building His church throughout the world and right here in Glenorie.  Glenorie is a great place to be, blessed with the natural beauty of God's creation.  It is our prayer (we pray it every week) that God will also bless the people of Glenorie by bringing them into a relationship with Himself.  It is through this relationship that all people can truly understand their purpose for being and experience true fulfilment in their lives.

You're always welcome at Glenorie Mission Church, but why would you bother?

The church is important to Jesus.  He said he himself will build it.  He asked us to remember him and whenever two or more gather together in his name he would be there.  The church is important to Jesus. 

Matthew 16:18 New International Version (NIV)

"And I tell you that you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of Hades will not overcome it."

Glenorie Mission Church is really a bunch of people, from Glenorie and surrounds, who meet every Sunday (and some other days) to honour God.  We do this because we believe that God created us and the whole universe, and everything that exists.  We also believe that God has rescued us from ourselves, death and what we call "sin" (which means falling short of God) by sending Jesus to become a human, live with us and die as a sacrifice for our sins.

If and when you meet this bunch of people you would quickly realise that we don't have that much in common.  Most of us were not mates outside of or before we came to church, we are from all sorts of age groups, professions / trades etc, races and demographic backgrounds.  Other than Jesus there is not much else that would draw us together.  So why do we, this bunch of people, bother.  Why bother in today's day and age with so much else to do and so little time outside work, why bother to meet for 1.5 hours in an old building.

The simple answer is we love God.  We think that what God has done for us is so amazing, so good, we cannot stop meeting to talk about it, learn more about it, share our experiences with each other, pray for each other, sing to God, and give glory (special word) to God.

You are welcome.

You are truly welcome to join us.  We meet every week at 10:15am.  You might have a relationship going with God, you might not have a clue who God is.  You might only use the term "god" in a sentence like "oh god".  Regardless of who you are, where you are at, you are welcome at Glenorie Mission Church.  We do not have any expectations about what you believe or where you are at in life.  The people who attend Glenorie Mission Church come from all walks.  People wear everything from stubbies and a tee-shirt to a suit, so come in what you feel comfortable in.

Join us.

Yes, join us.  The world today offers you so many options for "a better life".  TV gives you everything from cooking shows to weight-loss to singing.  Each one tells you to draw strength from within, and that you have everything you need already within you to make it.  When you are done with trying to find your inner strength or better still, prior exhausting all of those avenues, join us.

Jesus offers rest for your soul.  Confidence and a strength that doesn't exhaust you, but strength from an unlimited source.  The same source that produces all energy in the universe.

Again we are just a bunch of normal people, but we focus on trying to know God better, to learn more about him and to communicate with and receive communication from him.  You can join us and discover God for yourself.

We will see you this Sunday at 10:15am